Jason Cavness, SPHR, Founder at Cavness Human Resources

Thank you so much for your support of our campaign. You are enabling us to launch our AI product journey: To empower companies to make the future of work a better place through AI enhanced human resources and employee benefits.

We are excited to start this journey with you.

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According to the SBA there are over 5M companies in the U.S with 49 or fewer people. Most of them don’t have dedicated HR. An internal HR hire can be $50,000 or more per year plus benefits.

HR consultants, who we want to put out of business, over charge on price and under deliver on value.  Numerous business owners have found large HR companies to deliver horrible customer service and loose them in the shuffle while treating their small to mid-sized business as a number rather than a respected client.

Because of this, it is estimated that small businesses lose $27B or the equivalent of$10,000 per employee per year because of bad HR. It is also estimated that small business owners spend 25% of their time on HR. This time can be better spent taking care of their people, customers and building their company.

At CavnessHR we want to solve this through a voice enabled AI platform along with access to a dedicated HR business Partner. 

At CavnessHR, we want to help small business owners save time and money. We treat you and your employees like family. We respect you, your organization, and your valuable time.

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