CavnessHR is a remote, diverse and transparent company that delivers HR to companies with 49 or fewer people. Through a voice enabled AI platform along with access to a dedicated HR Business Partner

Jason Cavness

Founder & CEO

Retired U.S. Army Officer who is an INFJ HR Professional who is transforming how HR is delivered to companies with 49 or fewer people. Host of the Jason Cavness Experience. Where he talks to small business owners, founders, and other interesting people. City Leader at Bunker Labs Seattle, where he helps to mentor other Military Veterans and Military spouse entrepreneurs.   

Madison Goerend

Madison Goerend

Product Designer/Cofounder

Madison is a recent graduate from Flatiron School Design program. She is passionate about triangulating business goals, user needs, and visual design. Translating research findings, testing sessions, and more, into tangible design solutions is what keeps Madison going. 

Matthew Oltendorf

Product Engineer/Cofounder

Matt began his professional Software Engineering career in 2011 and has launched multiple products for multiple clients, as well as his own gaming community. Matt is passionate about the ethics of software, and the future of tech.

Dr. Anthony Miles

Board of Advisors

Dr. Miles is an entrepreneur, award-winning researcher, award-winning professor, statistician, legal expert witness, and, best-selling author.

Kevin Goldsmith

Board of Advisors

Kevin Goldsmith has been a software engineer and software executive since acoustic coupler modems were the pinnacle of networking. He has worked for the big guys (Microsoft, Adobe, IBM), the cool kids (Spotify, Silicon Graphics), the up-and-comers (Onfido, Avvo), and several startups lost to time.

Todd Dean

Board of Advisors

Todd is a proven visionary and leader in the entrepreneurial investment community. Created a collaborative environment for bringing together like-minded community leaders, business executives, angel investors, serial entrepreneurs and early-stage companies.