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Small business owners spend 25% of their time on HR. Time better spent taking care of your customers, and building your company.

We take care of your HR, so you can focus on being great every day.

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What we do for Small Businesses

  • – Have your HR questions answered in real
  • – Chat with a live CavnessHR professional.
  • – We help you feel confident in your HR decisions.
  • – CavnessHR assists you in meeting your HR compliance requirements.
  • – By providing Labor Posters, HR Laws, Employee Handbooks, HR Policies and Job Descriptions based on the location and industry of your company.
  • – On average the U.S. Equal Employment Commission (EEOC) secures $505M for victims in the private sector. At CavnessHR we want to make sure you don’t fall in this category.
  • Each year it is estimated that bad HR costs small business $27B or $10,000 per small business employee.
  • – CavnessHR provides a structured onboardng process to ensure all your new employees are authorized to work in the U.S.
  • – CavnessHR handles your onboarding process for you.
  • – CavnessHR provides an online platform for your onboarding.
  • – Get matched with a dedicated HR Business Partner to help you grow.
  • – Use our online platform to manage your company.
  • – CavnessHR provides responsive HR advice to assist you with your HR challenges.

Pricing and Plans

1-10 People

without Responsive HR Advice

Per Month

1-10 People

with Responsive HR Advice

Per Month

11-19 People

with Responsive HR Advice

Per Month

20-34 People

with Responsive HR Advice

Per Month

35-49 People

with Responsive HR Advice

Per Month